Souvenir-Rausch in London vor Krönung von Charles III.

LONDON, GROSSBRITANNIEN 26. APRIL 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Halbnahe woman picks up King Charles teddy bear from the shop display 2. Nah memorabilia egg cups on the shop display 3. Schwenk von links nach rechts two women look at the coronation memorabilia in the shop 4. Schärfeziehen King Charles commemorative plate with Queen Elizabeth plate in the background 5. Abwärts-Einstellung two women look at the coronation memorabilia in the shop 6. Nah memorabilia mugs on Cool Britannia shop shelf 7. Nah memorabilia mugs on Cool Britannia shop shelf 8. Halbnahe man looks at the coronation memorabilia in the shop 9. O-TON 1 - Catherine Philips , aus Frankreich (Frau, 76 Jahre alt, Französisch, 15 Sek.): "J'ai un peu de mal à m'habituer au nouveau roi, voilà comme tout le monde, enfin comme beaucoup de gens. Je venais pour acheter des petits souvenirs de la reine. J'ai acheté une tasse, j'ai racheté un magnet, à la maison j'ai la petite statuette." 10. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe coronation memorabilia on display in the shop 11. O-TON 2 - Julie Whitehead, aus Australien (Frau, 63 Jahre alt, Englisch, 23 Sek.): "I've only chosen things at this stage for my partner back in Australia because he is English and he's not coming on this trip with me, and he just needs a few things for his kitchen. But my mother is a fanatic royalist, she's got a glass cabinet with all of these royal things, like her other daughters have come over here and purchased all this memorabilia. So, I'm going to pick up the King Charles ones for her because her cabinet is full of Queen Elizabeth. " 12. Verfolgungsfahrt shop manager Ismayil Vadakkethil shows a commemorative tote bag 13. O-TON 3 - Ismayil Vadakkethil, Betreiber des Ladens Cool Britannia in London (Mann, Englisch, 14 Sek.): "It's available in most of the shops around in London now, but we have some exclusives that we have, so we had to pay some extra to get them in. For example, some of the mugs here, they're made in the UK itself. So they might pay like £3 extra on the mug, but they don't mind paying it because of the quality, and they are made in the UK, so they like to buy for the price we have put on them. But it's not really a big difference the general stuff we have and the coronation stuff. From the same brand, we have the general London products, which have the same price as the coronation stuff, so we haven't really changed the prices according to the coronation." 14. Schwenk von links nach rechts people queuing around the street corner outside Buckingham Palace shop 15. Nah memorabilia in shop window 16. Nah people queuing outside Buckingham Palace shop 17. O-TON 4 - Rebecca Grisnich, aus Kanada (Frau, 24 Jahre alt, Englisch, 7 Sek.): "Well, I'm from Canada, and while the monarchy is also in Canada, they don't really have any coronation stuff." 18. Zwischenschnitt: Halbnahe memorabilia plate in shop window 19. O-TON 5 - Adele Alison, aus Südafrika (Frau, Englisch, 6 Sek.): "For the coronation [holding up memorabilia], so at least when we're back in South Africa on Sunday we can watch it and have some tea." 20. Nah memorabilia hanging ornaments in shop window