Selenskyj verurteilt nach Angriff in Dnipro "feiges Schweigen" der Menschen in Russland

NUR FÜR AFP-ABONNENTEN (NO RESALE) KIEW, UKRAINE 15. JANUAR 2023 QUELLE: UKRAINIAN PRESIDENCY 1. O-TON 1 - Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine (Mann, Russian, 36 Sek.): "I want to say to all those in Russia - and from Russia - who even now could not utter a few words of condemnation of this terror... Although they see and comprehend everything perfectly... Your cowardly silence, your attempt to 'wait out' what is happening, will only end with the fact that one day these same terrorists will come for you. Evil is very sensitive to cowardice. Evil always remembers those who fear it or try to bargain. And when it comes for you, there will be no one to protect you."