Schatzsucher jagen Nazi-Gold in den Niederlanden

PROVINZ GELDERLAND, NIEDERLANDE 14. JANUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Schwenk von links nach rechts hole in the ground where people have looked for Nazi treasure 2. Schwenk von links nach rechts Klaas Tammes showing the street where treasure hunters have been active saying "Many people have been looking on this road there, and they have looked at every tree a bit, because this looks a bit like the map: you have a road, trees and a ditch. So there is a lot to look for there. But no one's found it yet" 3. Halbnahe Klaas Tammes comparing the map on his phone with the road, ditch and trees 4. O-TON 1 - Klaas Tammes, Former mayor and president of the foundation who owns the land where treasure is buried (Mann, dutch, 15 Sek.): "It stimulates the imagination, it's a children's book, a map with a cross on it, the treasure is buried there. Yes, that means all kinds of people have come to Ommeren to search for it." "Het prikkelt fantasie, het is een jongesboek een kaartje met een kruisje daarop daar ligt de schat begraven. Ja dat leidt er toe dat er allerlei mensen hier naar Ommeren zijn gekomen om te zoeken." 5. Nah Klaas Tammes showing the treasure map on a phone saying "that's where you are" 6. Nah entrance to the village of Ommeren, sign reads "Ommeren" 7. Totale entrance to the village of Ommeren, sign reads "Ommeren" 8. Halbnahe place where people have searched for the treasure 9. O-TON 2 - Aart van Ommeren, resident, retired, volunteering in a sort of second hand shop (65 Jahre alt, dutch, 15 Sek.): "The last few days we also saw a lot of law enforcement and if people start digging here in the woods, the police will get them out. Yes that is not allowed. And now today it is quiet but it is otherwise very busy with a lot of people [question: have you tried to find a treasure] No but we are comparing maps." "De laatste paar dagen zien wij ook veel politie aan het handhaven en als ze hier in de bos gaan graven dan haalt de politie en de handhavers ze wel uit het bos. Ja dat mag niet. En wel nu vandaag is het wel rustig maar het is anders heel druk heel veel mensen zijnde... heeft u geprobeer te schat te vinden.. nee maar wij zijn wel aan kaarten te vergelijken." 10. Totale ditch, street where people have been hunting for Nazi treasure after a map indicating its location was released 11. Nah hole in the earth where people have searched for treasure 12. Halbnahe Klaas Tammes showing another place where people have hunted for treasure, a hole, close to a museum, saying "look here people have also searched, you can still see, somebody dug this hole"