Mehr als 40 Tote nach Unwettern in Brasilien

BARRA DO SAHI, SÃO SEBASTIÃO, BRASILIEN 21. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Luftaufnahme the village of Barra Do Sahy with a hill carved by a landslide 2. Luftaufnahme people walk on the mud while others work and a bulldozer excavates the ground 3. Nah hand with yellow glove digging mud 4. Halbnahe a firefighter digging the mud with his gloved hands 5. Totale a group of firefighters and army men working to rescue victims buried under mud and debris 6. Totale hills carved by landslides 7. Totale a blue house half buried in the mud 8. Totale women walking on a mud covered street 9. Totale a bulldozer digging the ground while a group of people watch 10. Verfolgungsfahrt a group of men working together to move debris in a bucket