Ein Jahr Krieg in der Ukraine: "Wir müssen ja weiterleben"

KIEW, UKRAINE 22. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Panorama Independence Square (Maidan Square) in Kyiv 2. Totale Khreschatyk street, a central street of Kyiv 3. Totale burnt military equipment on Mikhailovskaya Square 4. Totale burnt military equipment on Mikhailovskaya Square 5. O-TON 1 - Diana Schestakowa, Passantin in Kiew, Angestellte (Frau, Ukrainisch, 25 Sek.): "This is the only thing that actually concerns the Ukrainians. Only victory, and nothing else. Victory, new weapons, because we need more of them because Russia is a huge evil empire that is difficult to defeat, but we have to do it to defend democracy, certain values in this world." 6. Totale avenue of fallen heroes 7. O-TON 2 - Boris, Passant in Kiew (Mann, Russisch, 16 Sek.): "How can you feel good here when someone dies every day? When my friends in other cities write that a bomb fell here, that someone died there, that a classmate was killed there. How can you feel? Of course it's not pleasant, but life goes on and you have to go on living." 8. O-TON 3 - Alla Walentinowna, Rentnerin, Passantin in Kiew (Frau, 72 Jahre alt, Ukrainisch, 19 Sek.): "Yes, times are very tough, it can't be compared with a peaceful life. But there is life, just as spring comes, victory will come in the same way. Because good always wins." 9. Nah the barrel of an artillery gun against the backdrop of the church 10. Totale Sofievskaya Square 11. Totale people on the street