Israel: Großdemo gegen neue rechtsgerichtete Regierung

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL 14. JANUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Panorama the crowd of protestors that gathered at Habima Square in Tel Aviv 2. Totale people chanting the word "democracy" in hebrew 3. Nah man chants in a megaphone "Bibi don't silence the Supreme court" 4. Totale person waves the Palestinian flag above the crowd 5. Totale crowd holds flags of Israel 6. Totale man standing on a bus stop and waving the flag of Israel 7. Panorama crowd waving flags of Israel 8. Schärfeziehen between the flame of a torch and a flag of Israel in the background 9. Totale people holding umbrellas as rain falls on protestors 10. Totale police stop people form passing 11. Totale people march as they chant