In Hongkong steht ein Wolkenkratzer in Flammen

HONGKONG, CHINA 3. MÄRZ 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Panorama a nearby building on the left caught fire 2. Halbnahe fire at high-rise building under construction 3. Halbnahe fire erupts from a high-rise building under construction 4. Schwenk von oben nach unten from building on fire to on-lookers 5. O-TON 1 - Marcus Chan, student/eye witness (Mann, 22 Jahre alt, Cantonese, 24 Sek.): "Actually, I'm quite scared. I was thinking of just staying for a little bit and then leaving. There was a period of time the fire even went up to the crane on top. The control room of the crane was on fire. So I worry that it might collapse, might fall on passers-by, or hinder the work of the firefighters." 6. Zwischenschnitt: Panorama fire and smoke coming out from the crane on the top of the building 7. Zwischenschnitt: Panorama fire on the building 8. Zwischenschnitt: Panorama bamboo scaffolding outside the building being burnt 9. Zwischenschnitt: Panorama fire at the high-rise building 10. Totale firefighters at the scene 11. Totale firefighters on scene 12. Nah fire and smoke coming from the building