GMO GlobalSign Unveils New Solution for Secure, Trusted High-Volume Seals

Qualified Trust Seals by DSS is a flexible, fully automated EUTL-compliant solution

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2023 / GMO GlobalSign Ltd. (, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and Qualified Trust Service Provider, today announced the availability of a new type of seal-based on qualified solutions. GMO GlobalSign's new "Qualified Trust Seals by DSS" offers advanced electronic seals supported by qualified certificates, enabling customers to quickly deploy seals at a high volume. The new solution is ideal for service providers and any other organization that generates a high volume of documents requiring qualified trust seals, such as invoices, quotes, and purchase orders.

GMO GlobalSign created Qualified Trust Seals in response to customer requests for a fully automated remote signing service meeting the requirements of European Union Trust Lists (EUTL). As Qualified Trust Seals are powered by our popular Digital Signing Service (DSS) it allows for an easy deployment that is also digestible, the perfect answer for organizations looking for a stress-free integration with APIs using the open source EUTL identity framework. With Qualified Trust Seals, GMO GlobalSign is enriching Atlas the company's digital identity platform.

Co-founder & VP Sales Jack Piekarski at Signius highlighted: "For many corporate clients or public organizations, the QES identification process is perceived as too complex, time-consuming, and costly. Employees often hesitate to participate due to data privacy concerns or reasons like using personal mobile phones for work purposes. A service using the high validation standards of a QTSP combined with this level of automation will be in high demand and is a welcome addition to our signing service portfolio."

The new solution is an ideal way to simplify the creation and issuance of essential documents on a larger scale and is set to transform how tasks are managed. The flexibility and efficiency of Qualified Trust Seals make it a crucial tool for businesses aiming to improve their workflow and document management practices.

"Our new Qualified Trust Seals offering is literally what our customers have been asking us for: a service with a light touch that offers a fully automated way to apply Electronic Seals created under the European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL) hierarchy. As a result, it does not require any additional internal workload," said GMO GlobalSign's Vice President of Sales for EMEA, Arnaud Vanderroost. "This enables our customers and service providers to take full advantage of the open-source tools from the European Commission which deliver verification of electronic seals in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation."

Vanderroost added, "With the introduction of automatic bulk seals, which are fortified by a qualified root, we are ensuring the seamless continuity of trust throughout the process. In addition, the new offering strictly follows the rigorous eIDAS 910/2014 Annex III guidelines. We are confident this is a significant step towards enhancing trust and our dedication towards end customer's data integrity."

The qualified certificate embedded within a Qualified Trust Seals can only be obtained from a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), who must be audited by an accredited organization and achieve the requirements of the eIDAS regulation. In 2018, GlobalSign became the first major certificate authority in the world to become an approved QTSP provider.

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