Biden: "Die Nato ist stärker als je zuvor"

NUR FÜR AFP-ABONNENTEN (NO RESALE) WARSCHAU, POLEN 21. FEBRUAR 2023 QUELLE: TELEWIZJA POLSKA S.A. 1. O-TON 1 - Joe Biden, US President (Mann, English, 30 Sek.): "We have to have security in Europe, it's that basic, that simple, that consequential. So it's (NATO, ed.) the single most consequential alliance and I would argue maybe the most consequential alliance in history, not just in modern history but in history. And so I made it clear, that the comments of the United States and our allies, as partners, the commitment is real, and that a year later (from Russia's invasion, ed.) I would argue that NATO is stronger than it's ever been."