Abtreibungsgegner machen in Washington mobil

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA 20. JANUAR 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Panorama people gathered on the National Mall before the march, Washington Monument in the background 2. Halbnahe woman holding a "I am the post-Roe generation" sign on the National Mall before the march 3. Totale man holding a Jesus on the Cross statue while marching amid other people 4. Totale people marching 5. Totale "Love life - choose life" sign, people marching in front of the Supreme Court in the background 6. Nah sign depicting a cartoon panda holding a "Save the baby humans" poster 7. Totale people dancing on the National Mall before the march 8. O-TON 1 - Patricia Grimm, "March for Life" participant for 15 years from Wilmington, Delaware (Frau, 72 Jahre alt, English, 16 Sek.): "That's the first one after Roe v. Wade was overturned, we're thrilled, very thrilled. We're very pro life. I pray in front of the abortion clinic in my town of Wilmington (shows her sign)." 9. O-TON 2 - Faith Elliott, university student from Columbia, South Carolina (Frau, 20 Jahre alt, English, 7 Sek.): "This is huge. I obviously haven't ever been here before, but it feels even more powerful knowing that the Court has overturned this case." 10. O-TON 3 - Father John LoCoco, diocesan priest from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Mann, 31 Jahre alt, English, 15 Sek.): "It's very much an ongoing battle because it's not so much a battle in the court system, it's the battle for people's hearts, right? It's a question of ideology and really the culture of life is something that is not only bound within sort of case law and precedent, but it's bound within our culture." 11. Halbnahe woman playing drums while chanting: "Abortion is murder" 12. Nah woman chanting in a megaphone: "Pro choice, that's a lie, babies never choose to die"